Adjusting Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs facilitates the opening and closing of the door. Each of the garage doors is normally fitted with two torsion springs that are installed at the top inside part of the door. When the door has resistance in opening and closing, one should check both the springs and the opener in order to diagnose the source of the problem. If the opener is functioning adequately then the springs have a problem. When the springs lose tension as it happens after a period of time, their capacity of handling the weight of the door becomes a challenge hence difficulty in opening and closing of the door. It is easy to tension for the garage door extension springs but very risky to carry out the same procedure for the torsion springs. This is why an experienced and skilled technician is required for the success of the process. Here are some tips for adjustment of the torsion springs which is a potentially dangerous process.

Locate the cones

When adjusting the tension spring, the first step is to locate the red cones. These cones have notches that aids in adjustment of the tension of the springs. They are normally located on the left side far off the center of the door. Once the cones are located, the winding bar should be inserted into the notch of the cone before starting to work on the springs. This ensures safety as the winding bar keeps the springs in place hence eliminating chances of them snapping and causing injuries. The winding bar should be approximately 18 inches long and a diameter of in order to serve the purpose.

Garage door springs screws

When adjusting the garage door springs, the screws should be loosened to facilitate working on the springs. The inclination of many people is to make use of the screw driver to loosen the springs as it can be very dangerous. Thus, use of a wrench is highly recommended as it grips well the screws lowering chances for the springs to snap in the process. In this case, the presence of another person to help keep the winding bar from moving or get an expert to do it.

Tighten the screws

The last steps in completing the process of adjustment of the torsion springs is the tightening of the screws hence increased pressure in tension spring. Thus, make use of the wrench to tighten the screws. Remember that this is a delicate stage hence need of patience and care. Technicians of garage door springs repair should be involved for safety purposes.