Garage Door Spring Replacement Guide

Garage door springs replacement is a process that that is common among the garage door owners. However, engaging technicians in garage door Company Indianapolis is recommended as this is a potentially dangerous procedure. It should be noted that any small mistake can lead to serious injuries some of them being fatal or cause destruction of the property in and near the garage. The springs are charged with the duty of lifting the weight of the garage door which is heavy in nature hence facilitating opening and closing process. When the springs are broken for any reason the door fails to function hence need to replace them. Here is a viable guide to the process.

Gather the appropriate tools

Before starting the procedure of replacing the springs it is vital to ensure that you have the right tools for the process. The right tools helps in ensuring your safety during the replacement process. Therefore, make sure that you have the socket wrench and open-ended one, a ladder, the vice grips and the right springs to replace with. In case you do not have these tools, contact the provider of garage doors in Indianapolis for guidance.

Uninstall the broken springs

In order to replace the broken springs you need to uninstall them from the door. Pull the emergency release and lift the door. In case the door is falling do not try to stop it under all means as it can hurt you badly. Thus, use the vice grips to get hold of the cables to ensure that the springs do not move. Then, use the wrench to loosen the screws hence removing the springs. During this process ensure that your body is a distance away besides the springs.

New springs installation

Once the old broken springs are out, it is time for the new garage door springs installation. Therefore, fix the springs and getting a tight hold of the safety cables, tighten the springs to acquire the needed tension for proper functioning. Then test whether the door is functioning as it should. If the door still has resistance in opening and closing contact the experts from garage door Company Indianapolis for successful garage door springs replacement.